Blomquist Hale's First Responder Program



Blomquist Hale is aware of the unique needs and challenges that first responders face and is committed to being a valuable resource for these professionals. We have dedicated time and resources to train our staff to understand the needs and effectively help individuals working in these professions. The training our staff received included Mind Shield for Brain Burn, which was specifically developed to help first responders. We have therapists who understand the unique role of being a first responder and who receive positive feedback from the first responders they work with. We have therapists on our team who also work as fire fighters, police officers and military personnel.

Blomquist Hale’s first responder program provides resources and access to treatment. This resource not only has positive impacts on the mental stability of first responders, but can also save lives.

Blomquist Hale Helps First Responders With:

– Critical Incidents (Exposure to a Traumatic Event at Work)


– Managing Stress. Anxiety & Depression


– Relationship & Family Problems


Wellness Screenings


Substance Abuse


– Suicide Prevention




– Retirees

Trained & Experienced Staff

Blomquist Hale has a team of trained and experienced therapists that are dedicated to providing service for those that are in our First Responder Program. We recognize that this is an area that requires ongoing understanding, training, and the right therapists partnered with these professionals. Blomquist Hale has the largest first responder program in the state of Utah and works with more first responders than any other organization in our area.

Crisis Response

Blomquist Hale ensures that we have a licensed therapist available around the clock specifically dedicated to crisis events. Over the years Blomquist Hale has responded to a number of critical needs for other fire departments and police agencies. We are willing to identify specific clinicians to respond to crisis situations. These clinicians will be well trained to critical incident response and the needs of First Responders. Blomquist Hale will introduce these identified clinicians to First Responder leaders to strengthen confidence and partnership.

Family Member Support

Blomquist Hale knows the importance of working with spouses and family members of First Responders. Family members often face unique challenges that comes with the profession of their loved one. Our therapists have the knowledge and life experience to truly make a difference in not only the First Responders life, but their family members lives as well.

First Responder Retirees

Blomquist Hale offers benefits to first responders who have retired. This service includes the same benefit that an active first responder would receive when working with Blomquist Hale. In addition, Blomquist Hale offers services to spouse of the retiree.

Annual Wellness Screenings

Blomquist Hale can provide Annual Wellness Screenings for every first responder. When first responders participate in the Annual Wellness Screenings, they will meet with a trained and experienced therapist who will help them evaluate areas of their life, relationships, and more.