Blomquist Hale's First Responder Program



Blomquist Hale is aware of the unique needs and challenges that first responders face and is committed to being a valuable resource for these professionals. We have dedicated time and resources to train our staff to understand the needs and effectively help individuals working in these professions. The training our staff received included Mind Shield for Brain Burn, which was specifically developed to help first responders. We have therapists who understand the unique role of being a first responder and who receive positive feedback from the first responders they work with. We have therapists on our team who also work as fire fighters, police officers and military personnel.

Blomquist Hale’s first responder program provides resources and access to treatment. This resource not only has positive impacts on the mental stability of first responders, but can also save lives.

For more information and to access your Blomquist Hale First Responder benefit, please call us at 801-262-9619.

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Blomquist Hale Helps First Responders With:

– Critical Incidents (Exposure to a Traumatic Event at Work)


– Managing Stress. Anxiety & Depression


– Relationship & Family Problems


Wellness Screenings


Substance Abuse


– Suicide Prevention




– Retirees

Trained & Experienced Staff

Blomquist Hale has a team of trained and experienced therapists that are dedicated to providing service for those that are in our First Responder Program. We recognize that this is an area that requires ongoing understanding, training, and the right therapists partnered with these professionals. Blomquist Hale has the largest first responder program in the state of Utah and works with more first responders than any other organization in our area.

Crisis Response

Blomquist Hale ensures that we have a licensed therapist available around the clock specifically dedicated to crisis events. Over the years Blomquist Hale has responded to a number of critical needs for other fire departments and police agencies. We are willing to identify specific clinicians to respond to crisis situations. These clinicians will be well trained to critical incident response and the needs of First Responders. Blomquist Hale will introduce these identified clinicians to First Responder leaders to strengthen confidence and partnership.

Family Member Support

Blomquist Hale knows the importance of working with spouses and family members of First Responders. Family members often face unique challenges that comes with the profession of their loved one. Our therapists have the knowledge and life experience to truly make a difference in not only the First Responders life, but their family members lives as well.

First Responder Retirees

Blomquist Hale offers benefits to first responders who have retired. This service includes the same benefit that an active first responder would receive when working with Blomquist Hale. In addition, Blomquist Hale offers services to spouse of the retiree.

Annual Wellness Screenings

Blomquist Hale can provide Annual Wellness Screenings for every first responder. When first responders participate in the Annual Wellness Screenings, they will meet with a trained and experienced therapist who will help them evaluate areas of their life, relationships, and more. 

February 2024
I can’t say enough good things about Josh Whatcott and how much he has helped me.  I started out knowing Josh as one of my Patrol Sergeants.  He quickly became one of my lifelong friends and family members.  Josh has continuously had my back and looked out for me, on and off the streets of law enforcement.  I’ve had countless conversations with Josh when I was going through troubling times.  Josh has always been there for me and willing to listen and help however he can.  I recently went through a trying time in my career and realized I needed to seek out some therapy to help get me through this hurdle.  My Administration was very supportive and was happy to hear I was willing to go to therapy.  Josh got me in right away to see him and talk about things.  He was able to help me look at things from a different perspective and understand why I was having such a difficult time to grasp with this particular incident.  Josh assured me everything I was experiencing, was my brain’s natural way to cope with a difficult situation.  I thought I was losing my marbles before seeing Josh, and I left my session with Josh feeling very encouraged and hopeful things would (and they did) get better.  Josh provided me with some great coping mechanisms that I still use to this day.  I’m extremely thankful I reached out to Josh, as I’m not sure I could have gotten through this trying time without him. 

January 2024
Bluffdale Fire Department is proud to partner with Blomquist Hale Solutions. They recently provided on site debriefing quickly after a difficult call involving a shooting. Aaron Moon was able to meet with each firefighter involved in the incident within hours. Josh Whatcott assisted us with setting our peer support program. They are also available to help with annual wellness checks. I am glad we have this program set up.

5-Star Google Review: 
November 2023
Richard Hatch is one of the best therapists I have seen. He is very quick to see what is happening and not afraid to be direct with his clients. I appreciated his straightforward style of therapy and efficient use of time.

5-Star Google Review:
November 2022
My experience at Blomquist Hale has been nothing, but amazing. Josh Whatcott is so relatable, calming, patient and smart. He has helped me in so many ways, and has helped me to move forward with my trauma. It’s still hard to let go, but I’m working on it. I look forward to our appointment every time. He challenges me to think critically, and to love myself, and give myself patience and grace. I’m doing better than I think I am! Therapy is amazing, and I truly believe it makes you a better person! I hope everyone does this, to only better themselves to be better for them and everyone else! Josh is the best!

February 2024
After a few bad experiences speaking with counselors, I had written them all off as ineffective and out of touch with LEO specific needs. Whatcott’s LEO career informed his approach to our discussions. Through a blend of candid and straightforward discussions, coupled with the context he clearly has from doing this work, I was able to approach my issues from multiple angles. I also sought out other resources to compliment Whatcott’s efforts that improved my work and home life. I don’t know where I would be if our paths hadn’t crossed.

5-Star Google Review:
February 2024
Kory Wilson was very knowledgeable, empathetic, and handled my situation with care and compassion. I recommend Blomquist Hale 100% because of this! I’ve never felt more heard and understood. Thanks, Kory!

5-Star Google Review: 
February 2023
I worked with Rick Ashby (who I referred to affectionately as “Therapist Rick” to my family and friends) at Blomquist Hale every few months for about four years. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he saved my life. During some very challenging times and situations in my life, including a horrible job that often had me thinking about hurting myself, he offered empathy, kindness, words of wisdom, and once in a while just the right amount of “tough love” to help me carry on, feel better about life, and show up better for my family, friends, employer, and most of all myself. I wholeheartedly recommend Rick and the Blomquist Hale team to anyone who needs help feeling better.

5-Star Google Review:
December 2023
Blomquist Hale Counseling has been an invaluable support in my journey as a police officer over my 36 year career. The compassionate no nonsense approach of the counselors helped me navigate the unique challenges of law enforcement. Their expertise in addressing the specific mental health needs of officers is truly commendable. I highly recommend their services to fellow first responders seeking a reliable and understanding space for mental health support.