General Questions

In addition to solution focus counseling services BHEA offers practical information and assistance with:

• Marital & Family Counseling
• Stress, Anxiety or Depression
• Personal & Emotional Challenges
• Grief or Loss
• Financial or Legal Problems
• Substance Abuse
• Addictions
• Senior Care Planning

All services are accessible by calling Blomquist Hale Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at (800) 926-9619. You can call anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Employers provide the Blomquist Hale EAP as a benefit for employees and their dependents. If you are unsure whether Blomquist Hale EAP is provided through your employer or you need specific information about Blomquist Hale you can contact your HR department, check out your intranet benefits web page, or call Blomquist Hale at (800) 926-9619.

No cost. No additional fees. Blomquist Hale’s counseling and referral services are confidential and free of charge to eligible employees and their dependents of companies enrolled in our programs. Your benefits department can provide you with information about the services available to you.

After a referral is made you may be responsible for fees associated with programs you’ve selected. For example, if you contact Blomquist Hale for a referral to childcare services, once you select a childcare provider, you are responsible for the fees associated with enrolling your child in that childcare program.

Yes. Blomquist Hale EAP is a completely confidential and voluntary program. Your contact with Blomquist Hale EAP will not be revealed to anyone, including your employer, without your knowledge or consent, except where required by law. Legally required exceptions to confidentiality include cases of serious threat of bodily injury to the client or others, or cases of suspected child or elder abuse.

You can view the complete Privacy Policy here.

Questions about Counseling

You might ask yourself a few questions: Do you constantly worry? Do you find you can’t resolve conflicts with your spouse or partner? Is your child or teenager getting to you? Do you repeatedly experience the same type of problem with more than one person? Have friends or family members commented on changes in your behavior or moods? Are you easily irritated or upset?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might benefit from talking with a counselor. We assist in helping you address and solve distressing life issues.

When you meet with a Blomquist Hale counselor, you’ll find yourself in a comfortable setting with a friendly atmosphere. All of our clinicians are licensed change experts. Together you and the counselor will formulate a practical approach to resolving your problem. While doing that process you’ll develop tools for handling future problems on your own.

Blomquist Hale counselors are experienced licensed clinicians who can assist you with a wide variety of problems. They have advanced degrees in psychology, social work or counseling. All have at least a Master Degree or higher and a have a variety of clinical background experiences.

Yes. Blomquist Hale has a wide range of counselors, all coming from different backgrounds, religions and perspectives.

Blomquist Hale counselors provide solution-focused counseling. This means that, you and your counselor will agree on a realistic goal and then work together to accomplish that goal. Understanding how to get better is at the core of solution-focused counseling. About 80% of life’s distressing problems can be addressed within the walls of our offices and with a solution-focused counseling approach. However, some serious situations are better addressed by specialists. Your Blomquist Hale counselor will help assess those situations and make sure you are receiving or referred to the highest and most effective level of care.

Regular appointments usually can be arranged within a short amount of time. However, the more flexible clients are with the times of day they are willing to be seen the better we can accommodate appointments. In crisis situations you’ll be able to speak immediately by phone with a counselor.

Frequency of your appointments can be a discussion between you and your therapist.

Just call Blomquist Hale’s toll-free number, (800) 926-9619. One of our support staff will speak with you briefly and set up a time to meet with a counselor or give you the contact information of a Blomquist Hale counselor near your home or work. If you prefer, we will immediately transfer you to the counselor’s private office, or you may phone the counselor yourself to schedule an appointment at your convenience.