Welcome – Luciana Lyman, LCSW

Luciana attended the university while living in Brazil. In that time, she became a therapist. She grew her knowledge and received the Gestalt therapist certification. She then decided to move to the states and continue her education at the University of Utah where she received her Master of Social Work Degree. Luciana has experience working with teenagers and adults. She has 10 years of clinical experience as a Gestalt Therapist in Brazil and 8 years of experience in the mental health field in UT. She also has experience as a social worker in crisis services attending the UT community’s mental health needs through suicide assessment and crisis intervention. Luciana has training in humanistic approaches, such as Gestalt-therapy and the person-centered approach. She practices motivational interviewing, CBT/DBT, Solution-Focused, Trauma-Focused, and highly consider body-mind connections and health in a holistic manner. Luciana has seen clients for depression and anxiety, thinking errors, suicidal ideation, relationship and attachment related concerns/Codependency, grief, life transitions, spirituality, aging, burnout, compassion fatigue, stress, and couple concerns. She enjoys working with teenagers and adults, as individuals and in their relationships. Luciana enjoys helping people gain self-awareness of their natural potential for human development, for growth in their strengths, skills, qualities, and abilities. While also enjoying helping them tap into the natural wisdom of their organism in its totality mind-body-soul. She especially enjoys watching people grow in self-compassion, self-care, personal strengths and in their relationships through the therapy journey. While Lucina isn’t working, she enjoys being in nature, traveling to new places, spending time with family, and reading good books.