Welcome – Dillon Peterson, MSW, CSW

We are excited to add another member of our team in Ogden! Dillon Peterson will be joining the team full-time, starting on May 16th. He is a CSW working on that LCSW and can do therapy in Spanish as well! Dillon graduated with his bachelors from Weber State University with his Bachelors of Art in Social Work. He then moved on to complete his Masters of science in Social work from the same university. He has trained in CBT, DBT, and exposure response and prevention. Dillon enjoys working with clients from all walks of life and at all stages in their recovery process. He also has experience working with clients of all ages and symptoms. Some examples being anxiety, trauma, OCD, borderline personality disorder, and bipolar disorder. Dillon strives to help clients overcome their fears associated with OCD and anxiety through building DBT skills and learning how to effectively do exposure therapy. In addition to that, he helps clients build distress tolerance skills so that they can stabilize and get better as they fight to improve their lives. In Dillon’s free time he enjoys yoga, the outdoors, biking, motorcycling, eating good food, traveling, and spending time with his friends and family.