Welcome – Jodi Delaney, LCSW

Jodi Delaney is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah with her Master of Social Work, with an emphasis in substance abuse treatment. Jodi feels most trained in working with substance use disorders. She has worked with women, teens, blue color professionals, active-duty military service members and veterans. Her experience spans over a vase range from inpatient and partial-hospitalization psychiatric care to outpatient care and has a considerable amount of experience working with people in recovery from addiction disorders. She has spent years developing an organized recovery community in the Salt Lake City Valley and connecting individuals to recovery support services. Her therapeutic approach is strengths based, and she believes that ultimately people are the experts in their own lives and that everyone has the capacity to build a life of joy and meaning. Jody strives to help individuals recognize the challenges they have overcome before and use those skills and resources to face their current challenges. She loves to help people envision what their best life would look like and then assist them in setting goals and identifying the action steps that would help them make meaningful changes, improve their overall well-being and health, and increase their satisfaction in their jobs and relationships. In addition, she understands the effects of trauma on development and functioning, as well as how institutions and family dynamics can create barriers that need to be overcome to build fulfilling lives. Jodi always tailors her approach to the individual and work to stay solution focused. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, gardening, hiking, creating art, and spending time with her family and critters.