Parenting: Helping an Anxious or Highly Sensitive Child

Sept 20
2:00 to 3:00 PM MT

Have you noticed increased worry and sensitivity in your child, especially after entering the new school year? In this workshop, participants will gain tools and education on how to coach through emotions and fears. Together you and your child/student will have skills to handle uncertainties by re-wiring the brain.

Caryl Ann Duvall, CMHC, CFLE, is a clinical mental health counselor and a certified family life educator with master experience in teaching relationship skills, overall well-being, anger management, substance abuse, coping skills, and parenting skills. She is trained in trauma focus practices and family dynamics. She is conscious of the effects of the social environment and can help navigate life through therapeutic tools to improve life’s satisfactions. Outside of the office she enjoys the outdoors, hiking, gardening, music, and spending time with her blended family of seven kids and two grandkids.