Is Your Company’s EAP Working?

The first step in partnering with Blomquist Hale Solutions is collaboration. Highly customized to your business and employees needs. Drive utilization higher than ever before with our extensive list of face to face and virtual services. In our 35+ years of experience in helping businesses, their employee’s and families, there is no life issue we cannot help with.

Leadership Support & Trainings, Mental Health, Financial, Legal, Rapid Crisis Intervention & Support, Behavioral Wellness, Workplace Trainings, Drug & Alcohol, Risk Reduction, Monthly Webinars, Quarterly Utilization Reviews, 24/7 connectivity, and a dedicated Business Consultant to serve as your single point of contact.

Upgrade your employee assistance program to a real High Engagement EAP today by contacting us for a demo and quote at info@blomquisthale.com

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