Lyndy Barnard, LCSW

Lyndy Barnard received her Bachelors degree in Social Work from Brigham Young University. She received her Masters degree in Social Work with an emphasis in Mental Health from California State University, East Bay. Lyndy has lived and worked in mental health in places including Oakland, CA, Nashville, TN and Salt Lake City, UT.  Her professional experience includes expertise in crisis intervention, anxiety, depression, trauma, shame, self-esteem issues, and addiction. Further experience includes developing and providing trainings regarding mental health topics and leadership development. Lyndy has worked with Blomquist Hale since 2013. She enjoys working with clients who are looking for knowledge, skill development, and resources to better cope with their current situation. She focuses on empowering clients to examine their strengths and abilities to become more resilient to their challenges. She uses cognitive behavioral strategies and mindfulness skills that help empower clients to feel capable of managing their life circumstances more effectively. In her free time Lyndy enjoys doing cross fit, running, singing, and spending time with her family.