Employer Services

Employer Services

Blomquist Hale Employee Assistance partners with your organization to boost workplace culture, increase productivity, strengthen leadership, and save on insurance and other human capital expenses. We also specialize in helping organizations implement wellness programs and mental health cost-containment solutions.

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Dedicated Support

Blomquist Hale provides every organization with a dedicated Business Consultant who will get to know you, your leaders, and understand your organization. To talk with your dedicated Business Consultant, please call 801-262-9619.

Supervisory & Management Training

Often times, employees are promoted because they are good at doing a certain job. Unfortunately, being good at a job does not always translate into being a successful leader. One of Blomquist Hale's has trainings available to help your leadership team become more effective in their roles.

Rapid Crisis Intervention

Unfortunately there are times when the unexpected happens. For example, a serious accident at the worksite, an unexpected death of an employee, a robbery, major conflict, or an act of violence. These situations can have significant impact on employees. How these are handled can be of great importance to how the organization moves forward. Rarely is an organization equipped to handle these types of challenges in-house.

Blomquist Hale recognizes that one-size does not fit all, when it comes to crisis situations. We are available 24/7 by phone and guarantee a rapid response to your emergencies. When Blomquist Hale is your partner, your Business Consultant is there to help take the weight off of your shoulders, remove the guesswork, and help your organization move through challenging situations.

Drug-Free Workplace & SAP Coordination

Blomquist Hale can help you create policy and procedure for a safer and healthier work environment. One of the keys to having an effective drug-free workplace policy is to have a uniform violation process in place for direction when violations do occur.

Blomquist Hale can also train your leadership on how to be aware and recognize when an employee may be putting themselves and others at risk through substance use.

Risk Reduction & Assistance with Troubled Employees

More organizations are realizing that employees need help with personal issues, especially when they impact work performance. It opens your organization to legal risk when leaders give well-intentioned advice. The partnership with Blomquist Hale reduces legal risk by giving management a direction to refer employees. This allows the organization and the leader to focus on their roles. 

Also, one of the most costly aspects of running a business is dealing with performance issues and employee turnover. Blomquist Hale helps you retain employees by getting them the help they need at both work and in their personal lives.

Customizable Training

Blomquist Hale offers a host of educational seminars to assist your organization and employees. These are generally presented at your worksite and are designed to offer specific, helpful suggestions on a variety of topics ranging from life skills, leadership, and work-related skills. Blomquist Hale will create and customize trainings to meet the strategies of a particular organization or department. 

Behavioral Wellness

For wellness programs to have maximum efficacy, help must be available for those who need it the most. Blomquist Hale counselors are change experts and can help individual employees overcome barriers to making significant health improvements, and entire organizations achieve their overall wellness objectives. Blomquist Hale offers a wellness workshop called Powerful Brain, Healthy Body. This 6 week wellness course gives employees access to the most current knowledge in the fields of brain science, psychology, nutrition, and exercise, helping participants create healthy lifelong habits.