Powerful Brain, Healthy Body

Get access to the most current knowledge in the fields of brain science, psychology, nutrition, and exercise to help participants create lifelong habits for a healthy life. Learn from experienced mental health counselors, nutritionists, and exercise professionals.

  • Eat for a healthy body and lose weight
  • Exercise for the greatest health benefits
  • Unhook reluctancey & shed unhealthy habits
  • Start the creation of a new, lasting, healthy lifestyle
  • Change your brain to empower lasting healthy habits

Presenter Bios

Review of Session One - Powerful Brian, Healthy Body

Preparing Your Mind For Action

Recent advances in functional MRI technology have led to the discovery of a fascinating new way to improve your health. Start the process by figuring out what you’d like to change and why it is important to you.

Achieving Healthy Balance Without Deprivation

Identify your mental and physical “square one”. Home in on what you want to change & figure out how to realistically incorporate healthy lifestyle habits. Recognize how to conquer life’s challenges without jeopardizing your energy, health & vitality.

Review of Session 2 - Motivational Readiness

Whenever individuals embark on something as important as changing their health for the rest of their lives, it’s normal to experience feelings of fear, uncertainty, or discouragement. This is especially true if you have struggled in your past attempts to change.

When you find yourself wondering if you can really change this important part of your life, take a few minutes to breathe deep and get yourself get centered and relaxed. Remember that all you really need to do right now is to open your mind to the possibility of changing your enduring health habits. Take this one step at a time. Don’t let uncertainty overcome your hope just because you fear it is too far for you to ever reach the top of the stairs. The next step is always attainable. You can do this!

Review of Session 3 - Making a Firm Decision

In sessions one and two, we focused exclusively with step one (honest evaluation) of a three-step process. It can be a bit frustrating to invest this much energy exclusively in the first step. Although it may even seem like we are not moving forward very fast, it’s actually quite helpful to take 2 -3 weeks to evaluate and plan before rushing onto subsequent steps. In session three’s material, we finished up our discussion of the first step, explained why this process is so important in the process of new habit acquisition, and then moved onto the second step of the change process.