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Blomquist Hale EAP services, by design, helps more employees realistically address life problems than do other EAP approaches. Helping more employees (and their families) and providing more intensive and meaningful assistance prevents future difficulties that would otherwise be expensive and time-consuming for employers.

Blomquist Hale offers comprehensive high engagement EAP services that focus on four critical areas.

2 to 3 times

more employees get the help they need


Over 80%

of cases are resolved in-house, not with costly outside providers


offered face-to-face help – Not set limit on sessions

New partner

for your team’s biggest goals

Employees know and utilize their benefit with Blomquist Hale. By increasing the number of employees who actually get help, your organization will reduce company cost and increase employee performance. Low EAP access doesn't mean fewer employees are troubled, it only means more employees go untreated and unaddressed. Blomquist Hale partners with our companies to increase utilization.

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