Welcome – Vanessa Provencio, MSW

Vanessa graduated from the University of Phoenix with her bachelor’s degree in psychology. She than continued her education at the University of Reno and completed her master’s in social work. Vanessa has recently moved to Utah from Nevada and is excited to start a new chapter of life. She has experience working with youth mentoring, substance abuse, relationships between child and parent/guardian, children, and trauma. Vanessa hopes to start working towards her trauma therapy certification. She enjoys working with any individual who may connect with her and need assistance in any situation and ensures that individuals get the help they need. Vanessa connects well with the youth and feels as though she allows them to feel heard in a safe environment. She enjoys listening and learning about each client’s life story and getting to know her clients as best as she can to better assist them. Vanessa truly loves helping the client better understand themselves and their circumstance so that they can work together in developing goals and a plan of action to overcome any obstacle they may be struggling within their workplace and/or personal life. She strongly believes that everyone has the power, strength and courage to make a change, and that is why she prides herself on empowering all those who are seeking therapy in order to overcome difficult circumstances. In Vanessa’s free time she enjoys binge watching Netflix with her family and traveling whenever possible. She likes to go on spontaneous short trips when the opportunity presents itself. She also enjoys reading self-help books and her favorite place to visit is the ocean because it brings her calmness and peace.